Bankruptcy to me was a very humiliating experience. Up until that point of my life, I felt like I did everything the way I was supposed to. Put 20% down on house purchases, had money tucked away for a rainy day and emergencies. However, life happens and am grateful Nancy was able to guide me through the process. While it isn't a simple process, Nancy has the experience and compassion to make it as simple as possible for her clients. While I never want to go through that experience again, Nancy would be at the top of my list for anyone even thinking about filing for bankruptcy.

Thank you for all of your help, Nancy. ~Michelle

The thought of filing bankruptcy was scary. On the advice of a friend, I met with a lawyer he had used to discuss my situation. When I walked out of his office, he made me feel like there was no hope. He had me feeling like I was the problem for my situation, and that I HAD to find a job that was going to pay more than my current position. I felt totally defeated and even more depressed and scared than before my appointment.

I was referred to Nancy. Hesitantly I made a call to schedule a time to meet. I walked out of my appointment with my self-esteem put back together and knowing that I was not to blame for my situation. She understood that my job at the time was the best I could do. Nancy walked me through the process of filing and also taking any phone calls from creditors. "Those" calls stopped as soon as I gave them her name. We met to finalize my filing and it was easy for both of us. A huge key as she will tell you, Have ALL of your paperwork in order. Nancy always returned all of my calls when I had a question and never talked to me like I was just a case number. I was the most important person to her when I had a question. Even after my discharge, Nancy still answers my questions with advice and help. When I was able to find a new position in my field of education, I called her to share the good news. She was just as thrilled as I was knowing that my past was behind me and I was on my way to getting back on my feet.

Nancy took all the Fear Factor out of the process and cared about me, like I was family. She only wants the best possible outcome for you after your discharge. Anyone can file your case for you, but to have someone care about you before and afterwards is something very special.

~DGT Discharged January 2017